El Hefe - Man VS Glass

Like any other day a shipment arrives, we all scurry through the sea of packing peanuts and tear away the bubble wrap searching for the next treasure. Today's shipment brought forth the new works from glassblower El Hefe. As we all know the background bio, Hefe has been kicking out one of a kind pieces with the likes of SYN for some time now. That being said I'll move forward on to what we got our hands on. We picked up seven worked oversized paddle push slides. Some are double stacked and others have encased window sections. All the paddles have a worked disc section, and the use of over all color is bright and vibrant. A personal standout is the white piece. It seems as though white has become the new clear, kinda like how Thursday is the new Saturday. Hmm, not sure what that means, back to the sounds of Super Cat and the daydreams of tropical weather. I think it's the the EL HEFE effect...

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