Richmond is Quickly Becoming the Epicenter of Virginia's burgeoning glass scene!

From Where? Richmond! Perhaps that question is appropriate, like the title of Mad Skillz debut album. Richmond, and Virginia for that matter aren't really considered when we think of glassblowing. I'm sure you all know of Eugene, OR and Ithica/Corning, NY as being long standing points of convergence for the glass pipe blowing scene. Do you remember when Philly and Mid-Atlantic turned the glass scene on it's ear? Slinger, Pakoh, Hops, JOP, JAG, Zach P, (S)nic, Kurt B, and the like, decided wig-wags were dead! They initiated a new movement, where glassblowers are fearlessly pushing the limits of what can be done with glass. I'm not saying there weren't other blowers involved or regions shouldn't be credited; but those places stand out to me. Do you know what the first industry in America was? Glassblowing! Where did it originate? Jamestown, Virginia! So maybe it's been 400 years since VA has been on the map for glassblowing. Well get ready for round 2! Talented glassblowers such as M. Higgins, Glass Munky, Becky, Dickey, E-Jipt, Sweet, A. Rose, A. Sultan are scattered across the Commonwealth and Richmond is quickly becoming the epicenter of the scene. AKM, Elks That Run, Rooster, G-Check, and Egon are all working together at Influence Glass. Like those guys from Philly, they are teaching each other and encouraging each other to push their personal limits. I just love my Richmond locals! The work AKM, Rooster, and ETR are putting out stands apart, and as a testament to the claims I make. Kulture is proud to feature the work of these local and regional artists. We have always been Virginia-centric at Kulture, and will continue to support other Virginians! Below are some of my favorite work by Virginians. AKMBeckyDickeyElks That Run Glass MunkyMike- Higgins Rooster  

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