Sovereignty Glass Surprised us with some Percs and Gridded inlines!

Kulture no longer stocks Sovereignty Glasswater pipes due to unforeseen circumstances. We now carry our own brand of water pipes which cover the basics, like tree percs, UFO percs and stem lines. Check out  Kulture water pipes in our online store. If your are looking for scientific pipes with innovative percolation may we suggest Toro water pipes4.0 Glass water pipesMobius Glassworks water pipes, and Termini Tubes Miracles do happen! Just when I had almost given up hope, Sovereignty Glass sends Kulture a package! It was August last time we saw some SG, and February before that. Since we are only getting shipments twice a year, don't sleep! SG is pretty much a one man operation and supply always falls short of the demand. So rush down, we received only a couple of Sovereignty's Gridded inlines. This the first time Kulture has had them in. The price is right and we don't expect these to last the week. Don't fret if you miss out on the Gridlines, we also got in a handful of straight tubes with a single 8 arm tree percs. We'll be sure all Kulture locations get some!

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