Rooster Crows

The rooster is dawn's alarm. He crows to herald each new day. Richmond glassblower Rooster parallels his real word namesake. His current work is fresh, and indicates the advent of a new style in glassblowing. Rooster uses mixed media such as semi-precious stone and electroform. His work is in line with what Elks That Run is doing. No wonder, they share studio space! The work he dropped off last time was only around for a few weeks, which isn't surprising, it's dope! So we re-upped as soon as possible. The first item I'd like to mention is the Hellraiser sherlock. What can I say? It's sick on many levels, and definitely our favorite! It comes complete with hooks and chains! Don't worry, these won't rip into your flesh! They are safely affixed to the pipe with electroformed copper. In addition there are magnetite pyramids that resemble the puzzle box and a blasted image of Pinhead himself. The rest of the work we picked up consists of slides, some with stones and electroform, a few onies and a spoon thrown in for good measure. All of which can be viewed in Rooster's glass gallery.

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