El Hefe All Black Dry and GonG Push Slides

I would have to say that today's been kinda strange. Much of the day consisted of typical work related tasks, yet for some reason things seemed a bit "off." One thing that did make everything balanced was the new shipment of SYN that just arrived. We re-uped on several SYN pipes and some ill new bowls. A staff favorite is this little guy. It's a custom piece made by El Hefe and I feel it's fitting to call him "CASH." Standing about 5 inches tall and about 3 inches wide at the base, this horned beast fittingly invokes the "outlaw" image. Whether or not El Hefe intended to, I'm stuck with visual images of the American Recording Sessions and Jessie James. Seriously. The details are simple, 3 horns in the rear of the pipe and a clean floating milli which has the signature El Hefe lettering. Next we got a few push slides designed by Hefe, two of which happen to use a nice neutral grey. If your a fan of clean lines and the use of Minimalism as a design feature, these are perfect. The prices are nice too!

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