AKM & 2010

So it begins, yet another year where the bar continues to rise and blowers such as AKM surpass that of yesterday's work. Today glassblower AKM stopped by on his way out of town and unloaded some ill new pieces. We got our hands on two diffused ash catchers, which feature his signature skulls. While I've never been involved in combat, these make me visualize lyric sheets a-blaze straight form the likes of Necro. Ghostly images and tears of loved ones lost, all flash through my head while I sit and look at these two. We managed to pick out some worked slides in both 14mm & 18mm. They don't cause flash backs of battles never fought, they cause peaceful images like that time in high school (let me stop right there). It appears 2010 will be a big year for AKM as he is currently in the works of several collaborative projects. Look out for a collab with Doctor Gadget from TCT to be finalized in the near future. He is also in the process of wrapping up a collab with Hops. As if all of this isn't enough, AKM will be embarking some travels in 2010. He's already started throwing down in hopes to offset the workload while on the road. Stay tuned for some larger pieces from AKM as he is about to be trained by Banjo in the art of pushing it larger in 2010. Hats off to all the crew pushing local glass over at the Flame Working Studio.

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