Nathaniel Dark Studio is based in Moline, IL. Nathaniel and his team represent the artistic side of glass blowing. With many years of experience the whole team at "Wild Glass" is committed to producing hand made one of a kind pieces. We are pleased to announce that today we got our first shipment in. First we got a nice horned dry pipe. As the pipe rests in the palm of my hand, i can't help but to notice the overall minor details. Next we got a selection slides with everything from floating millies to 4 stacked worked sections. We managed to get quite a selection, and in both 14mm and 18mm. We also picked up two sets of bowls from the Nathaniel group. These are seriously worked and the best part, they are triple blown. From the moment you hold one you can feel the denseness. If you looking for a pipe that can withstand some harsh treatment and yet stay alive, we got em. 


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