Chad G might be new to the Glass Scene, but Glass is nothing new to him.

I met Chad G at the G.L.A.S. show a couple of weeks ago. I was stoked to see him there. I had seen his work just days before on TC, as many of you probably did. He told me he's been blowing glass since 1995. Being self taught and as an outsider to the scene, he had never even seen another person blow glass before. I guess the flame off that preceded the show, was as exciting for him as it was for me. This was his first time selling at a wholesale show and he didn't know what to expect. He was just concerned with selling enough glass to make it a nice Christmas for his family. This show did way more for him and his family than he expected. He pretty much sold out his booth, got some extra orders, and was asked to be in Smoked Volume 2! Congratulations, Chad! Well deserved! You wouldn't known this was his first show either! Chad probably had the nicest booth there. His ice cream cone pipes and slides were displayed in miniature ice cream stand. His "Tree" pipes, which look like logs and branches were displayed with leaves, walnuts and a real split log. The log was used as a GONG slide holder. He even used a two tiered cheese plate to display his "cheese" pipes. Chad G isn't one to stick to one style either. He does inside out, implosions, reversals, etc... Check out the nice drys and the glass on glass I picked up for Kulture's stores!      

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