JP plays Santa and sends Kulture Toro Water pipes for Christmas

Kulture just got a mixed bag of Toros, right before Christmas. So if you're playing Santa and a Toro is on your list, now is the time to pick one up. There are 2 circ to circs, 2 "8 arm" fixed stems and 1 "13 arm" fixed stem. First off, let me say that the colors on labels match the colors of the sections. Not to say they didn't before, but this batch really stands out. The shop faves are the white & baby blue 13 armed fixed stem and the red & black circ to circ. Toro has also changed the look of their 13 arm fixed stems. The up-stem in the center is larger than it was previously, guaranteed to reduce what virtually non-existent drag there was. This also moves the outer arms closer to the up-stem. This makes the tree look like one solid piece. The welds on the 13 arm trees have a cleaner look as well. The perc attached to the fixed stem looks like a 4 armed tree. Upon closer inspection I realized it's one piece, pinched to appear like it's four arms. I'm not sure if Toro has given a name to this new design. What counts is that the design is very solid and I don't foresee any problems with arms breaking off the trees. Buy Toro water pipes in our online store!   Close-up of the new design. Looking down.

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