Dear Kulture and its generous customers

Dear Kulture and its generous customers,

This October I spent two weeks volunteering in South America with a team dedicated to providing free cervical cancer screening and treatment to a population of women who suffer from one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the Western world.

A typical day would include me rising at dawn to the sound of roosters crowing in the village; emerging from my tent to take a bath out of a bucket near the village well; tearing down the camp site before the heat rose above 100 degrees; holding clinic (Pap smears, colposcopies, LEEPs, biopsies) for the women of the village all day long; packing up the clinic equipment and supplies; loading the vehicles and traveling to the next village; setting up camp while swatting mosquitos away; enjoying a meal of dried soup with boiled water added; and finally crawling into my tent for sleep.

Because of the work of the physicians I assisted and the numerous others involved, the lives of many women were saved.  It is impossible to describe the fulfillment I get from being able to participate in such a noble cause.

On their own accord, Kulture put a donation jar in its downtown store to help me fund my trip.  The stories I heard about customers stuffing some large bills into the jar deeply touched me.  Thank you, Kulture!  Thank you to each and every person who put a contribution in that donation jar!  I cannot say enough how I appreciate the support.  I hope this letter reaches those of you who helped.

With gratitude and happy holiday wishes,



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