Glass on Glass Slides from Adam G

After doing a little research on Adam G, I realize I have to meet this guy! He likes stuff that's so ridiculously bad that it's actually good. Like Vanilla Ice's movie Cool as Ice, NKOTB collector cards and Christmas sweaters. He's also a fan of 80's electro and breakdance music, a favorite music genre of mine as well. Since Adam is a fan of Eighties and Nineties pop culture, you might think his work would have lots of bright, neon colors. It's quite the opposite. The colors of glass Adam G. uses are very natural and organic. Half the slides we picked up look like geologic specimins. The other half evokes thoughts of sea life. There are two with faceted tops. The faceted top of the green and brown one, looks like petrified wood. The green part has little bubbles of air trapped in it. Similar to the Steve Sizelove air trap sherlocks we showed you last month. The blue faceted one looks like an agate geode, with mollusks attached to the side. The other two have a the look of a cephalopod's tentacle, very 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! Captain Nemo would be more like 10 miles high, smoking out of one of these!


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