Suburban District "NO LOUIS V" and mixtape

I met Octavion a couple months back running around the streets of RVA from club to club, bar to bar, promoting, throwing parties, and pushing the release of "Don't mind us, we're just the future" with Suburban District. Justin and I had just printed up the first t-shirt RUN RVA so I threw the group a few shirts. Needless to say, it was the right thing to do. Over the summer I definetly got really wasted and met alot of the other artist on Smooth Dirty Productions roster likeTim Porter and Fair who make up the rest of Suburban District. I just need to say I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE VIDEO TO DROP SINCE THE FIRST DAY OF SHOOTING BACK IN OCTOBER! FINALLY everything looks like it is coming together in RVA for a change, with the drop of the mixtape "Don't mind us, we're just the future" hosted by Benzi, and the release of the video for "No Louis V" looks like RVA hip-hop is taking a turn for the better. Peacccce -J SUBURBAN DISTRICT - NO LOUIS V  

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