Ruga of Grassroots California talks about Helix Water Pipes, his hats and more

Just got back from Caribbean Holidaze in Jamaica where GRC was releasing the official Caribbean Holidaze hat. I also received the good news that Grassroots California is going to be doing the STS9 and signature edition hat for Brownie. So, I thought I would treat myself to something nice. I knew the place to go was Kulture. I instantly recognized Jimmy rocking the GRC Bakers hat with a huge smile on his face. He was showing a customer the new Helix water pipe. Let’s just say it had me at hello. The way the pipe is set up is a lot like a cyclone. The Helix has a system where the hot smoke goes into the pipe, swirls it around cools it down and creates a smooth hit.  Justin had just got back from picking up some fine glass pieces, so I had to help myself to the Ghettoblaster slide by Pakoh, which seals the deal.  Check out the Helix water pipes and other new arrivals of glass pieces at Kulture, but you better get there quick before I grab the rest!  

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