Eric Ross - Winner of the Great Lakes Art Show flame off!

I hadn't heard of Eric Ross before I saw his name on the roster at Great Lakes Art Show's website. When I arrived to the flame off, he was working next to Salt, pulling sections of glass. Eric is a work horse. He kept pulling section, after section, after section! He didn't stop working till he ran out of propane. Even then, it was just to switch the tanks. I spent most of the day at the flame off, braving the cold. After 6 hours at the cold warehouse holding the flame-off, the sun went down and the temperature dropped. It was time for us to leave. The artists didn't finish up till after 10PM. That's about 24 hours of work per team in one day! Not in optimal working conditions either. Mad respect and thanks to all the artists and to the people who stayed till the end of the day! The next day was the vending part of the show. I made it there 15 minutes before it officially started. I wanted to make sure I got first pick for Kulture's customers. I had the pleasure of talking a bit with Eric that morning, he's a really nice guy, pretty humble too. I pick up some glass on glass slides from him. Very nice stuff! Good thing I got them when I did. When he and Salt were announced the flame off winners, the demand for Eric's work just skyrocketed!

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