E-Jipt hits the road

I met this kid in 2007. E-Jipt had just started blowing glass. He's been mostly self taught, by videos and books. He would bring his work by the Charlottesville shop, and ask me what I thought. He'd then check out the glass we had on display. Studying each one to see how it's put together. Over the next couple years he worked on his glass blowing techniques and developed his style. His work now-a-days consists of inside out fumed onies, and frit spoons and bubblers. All of which are done on heavy wall tubing, super thick!. He recently hit the road in a school bus, which doubles has his living quarters. Ending up in Eugene, Oregon he is currently renting work space form Cornerstone Glass. His 'about me' states: "I love my job as a glassblower, and I love traveling." I'd say E-Jipt's doing what he loves! Yo E! We promise to get some pics of your bubs up soon!
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