Richmond Artist Rooster

Richmond glassblower Rooster was one of the first local glassblowers Kulture dealt with. I believe it could of been as far back as 2000 or 2001. He was just starting and ambitiously doing it on his own. Fast forward to just almost 2010. He's still self taught and his work has come a long way. Working with mixed media, Rooster has added semi-precious stones to his pipes and slides. He then electroforms the pipe to secure the stones and tie the look together. The Sherlock style pipe is titled Mad Max. It has 4 points of Spanish quartz and a clear quartz kickstand. It's also has some very nice designs in the electroform. The 3 slides we picked up are some of the nicest electroformed slide I've seen. Rooster has polished the electroformed copper on all of these slides. The first greenish one has a iridescent labradorite stone. The patine of the electroformed copper is blue and purple. It's just beautiful! The next one with similar green coloring is titled 'four points'. The four points are crystals, and can serve as a handle. Three of the four points are quartz and the fourth is amethyst. The pinkish one is made with Tequila Sunrise glass by Glass Alchemy. It has 3 Carnelian stones encased in copper electroform. Carnelian stones are prized for their ability to invoke a stress-free state of bliss.

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