SYN Restock November 2009

Just got back in a bunch of the best selling SYN items. Let's start with the most popular. SYN's 14mm ash catchers. They have a removable flush mount diffuser, which makes them the top choice amongst people looking for an ash catcher that different slides can be used with. Next in popularity are the AP's. AP may stand for apprentice, but the quality is in line with the rest of SYN. We received both regular AP's and AP's with dome percs. Last but not least are the tree percolated tubes. There are double chambers and triple chambers. Among the new items are a 12 armed fixed stem. The tree is surrounded by a huge can which gets reduced to 50mm tubing the rest of the way up. We also got in a few samples of new things SYN is working on. Colored at the mouth and at the ice pinches, SYN tips their hat toward ROOR USA's development. Just 3 of these for now. Let us/SYN know what you think!    

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