Cornerstone Glass

These came from a traveling salesman. Not your usual door to door salesperson selling magazines or crappy gifts. This kind, travels from smoke shop to smoke shop selling pipes. That'd be a dream vacation for most of us, I'm sure! It's probably pretty grueling, though. Setting up appointments, all that driving, packing and unpacking the vehicle, motels, hoping you make a sale, etc...  Well I hope we made this guys day, because he made our's! We definitely found some nice items to pick up for the stores. Sculptural glass on glass slides are really hot right now. AKM, SALT, Snic, Pakoh, Boxfan, The Glass Fish, etc... They're all doing it. We saw these tight skull and hippo slides, and had to get them. I really like the hippo slide. It's pretty simple, but really stands out from a lot of the others going around. Another nice pick up were the heady spoons. The clean lines, reversals, and metallic sheen really set them apart from your average spoon.

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