El Hefe Paddle Slides, Stones, Electroform Munitions and More!

EL Hefe might as well be on fire right now, his work is! Here's a few items from El Hefe you may have seen around the internet. Most likely you've seen the electroform bullets. They're Borosilicate glass and have a Full Metal Jacket! They function like a onie or taster, and yes you will still be smoking out of glass! Just the outside is metal. Also in are some of those stones from the fountain. He was selling the whole set, but made some extras so we could offer some to you. You could leave one of these out in the garden. No one would even bother with it, unless they collect rocks! Each stone is ti-signed as well! Also got in some paddle slides. Hef's fans demanded them so Hef made them. There are 6 paddle slides with half being ice themed and the rest being black, white and rainbow colored. Last up is something completely different from anything I've seen El Hefe do. Titled Bound and Gagged, Hef has created an abstract pipe that is inspired by the work of Colton, Adam G, and Ukiah. It looks great for one of your first attempts at bending Hef! Apparently This is El Hefe's last piece until he gets setup in a new shop... Lets hope for a quick relocation! Be sure to check out the El Hefe x SYN x Dawnk tube! It deserved it's own post!          

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