AKM and Elks That Run Henrico County Collaboration

I saw this pipe featured on Glasspipes.org a few days ago. I immediately had everyone come over the the computer to take a look. I thought I'd have to go by Roots Rock Reggae, Elks That Run's shop to see this awesome piece in person. Luckily it walked in the front door of our shop. AKM made the pipe and Elks That Run (ETR) did the blasting and the electroform. AKM's use of skulls and bones and ETR's frequent use of American Indian imagery and electroform copper come together in this perfect collaboration of the two artist's styles. There is a blast of the Henrico County, VA seal on the side. ETR's blasting is impeccable. I heard he learned from the master of Graal himself, Slinger! I kind of feel like if you buy it, you should have roots in Henrico. Is that unfair? The County seal first appeared around 1942 or 1943. The seal feature's Pocahontas, tobacco, and Indian corn. ETR has altered the seal by changing Pocahontas' face to a skull. Very fitting for an AKM pipe. Henrico County is where I live. It encompasses Richmond and is one of America's oldest counties, having been established in 1611. In 1611 it included what are today, the counties of Goochland, Albemarle, Amherst, Fluvanna, Nelson, Chesterfield, Cumberland, Buckingham, Powhatan, and part of Appomattox counties, as well as the cities of Richmond, Charlottesville, and Colonial Heights. That covers every Kulture location!

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