Kennaroo slides, bubbler and drys

Kulture just got in a weeks worth of work from Kennaroo. We are expecting to get another weeks worth next week. So usually we only get in slides from 'Roo. This time we got some pipes in as well. There's a dry sherlock and a dry hammer, and a bubbler. All have that classic Kennaroo color scheme. Fire and Ice with some green and black in the mix. All of them have opals and the bubbler also has a nice wig-wag marble.  The welds on these are well thought out, and executed flawlessly! The slides are a mix of 14mm & 18mm. There are a couple paddle martini slides and a couple paddle push slides. There's a few fade to clear sections, and most have milli marbles or opals. I do really like that blue and black push slide, different from any 'Roo slides I've seen before.  

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