For all my ILLA heads, Illadelph is back, and better than ever. Kulture is proud to be carrying them at all locations. I'm in love with the new beefy joints and thicker bases, not to mention a new PURPLE line that had me drooling! If you thought the PINK line was sick and sexy, wait until you see these! All Illadelph tubes still come with a diffused D-cut downstem and keck clip to keep your diffuser from accidently being pulled out. The 5 arm tree perc tube line is where its at for superb filtration also not to mention Illadelph still offers the "baby" version as well as the "medium" version and a new "tall" version has been added. The new labeling is eye popping as well, featuring a "Illadelph" crest logo on the back of the tube with the skyline of Philly and a established 2002 notation (in case you didn't know) the year Illadelph started. Looks like Illadelph has got a lot of new things coming in the near future as far as collabs with some of the best in the industry, like Zach P. and JOP. The new onie design is still based on the first production run with a button push but, is thicker, bigger, and easier to grip. This goes the same for their production bowl's as well, same push, same sleek design, and thicker as well. I tip my fitted Philly cap to you Luca once again, you push the game to the next level. Peacccce!

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