Kulture in Charlottesville .....

So as I arrived in C'ville at 10:00 this morning to check into our "old reliable" hotel. I was informed a room had not yet been booked? I'm thinking sweet, let's take care of that now. Then I was informed we are good for tonight, but Saturday they are all booked up! All booked up? What's going on this weekend? UVA vs William and Mary football game she responded. Great. Did a little calling around explaining my situation and finally found a hotel up Main 2 miles from the shop. I let the person know at the desk that I was with a local business, but traveling from another store located in Richmond, and would be working all weekend.. J: Yo man I'm trying to book a room till Sunday morning, and I'm trying to stay as close to my store as possible. Clerk: Oh yeah what store is that? J: Kulture. Clerk: Oh you work at Kultures (this happens more than you think) J: Yeah I work at K-U-L-T-U-R-E needless to say I have about a 15 minute conversation about Vaporizers and the benefits of using them on the reg instead of a Toro or Roor tube. He gives me the "military discount" and I let him know I'll see him around 3 to check in I'll be rocking a Kulture shirt. The weekend begins....... to be continued.

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