A Bunch of New Toro Waterpipes!

We just got a whole bunch of new Toro waterpipes. It's the first time we've had the Toro minis in. I thought the LUX minis were the end all of miniature water pipes. Oh no! No, no, no! Toro's new mini waterpipes crush them!!! One's stemless with a disk perc and a glycerin section. Similar to the Illadelph glycerin coil, you can stick this one in the freezer. The purpose is to experience chilled smoke without worrying about your ice melting and changing the water level. There are also mini versions of the Circulator double chamber and the 13/6 armed double chamber.  The demand is really high right now and only got 1 of each of those this round, so grab them now! We'll be getting them again as soon as we can. Next up are some 18" fixed stem waterpipes with disk percs. I have to say these disk percs look tight! Real similar to the TCT, but with just one perc and with slits instead of holes. More Circulator ash catchers and more trash bubblers too! There's also 1 everyone's favorite - 13/6 double Chamber. If you're not familiar it's got a fixed stem and has a 13 armed tree on top and 6 armed tree on the bottom. These probably won't last but a few days! 

glycerin section mini

group shot of minis

mini 13/6

fixed stem disk percs

detail of full size 13/6

trash bubblers 

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