Kulture will be at the Nascar Race this Saturday!

So as Evan and I gear up and get ready for the race this weekend, I hope two things don't happen. 1) I hope it doesn't rain and 2) I hope I don't pass out during the race on some random guys shoulder sitting next to me drinking Bud and rooting for Dale Jr. If you are going to the race be on the lookout for the Kulture Flag and Scion. We will be giving away all types of stuff! Shirts, discount flyers, and a couple other things provided by our good friends at Chameleon Glass (Thanks Ken). Some helpful tips to help you get through the day: For every (6) pack try to drink at least one water. Don't buy the Oakley sunglasses they are selling in the lot, NO GLASS is allowed in the track, One soft-sided bag/cooler, no larger than 6 x 6 x 12 inches is allowed, any more details can be found here. Evan and I have both promised each other to "pace" ourselves, but feel free to give a beer if you see us (Miller Lite). Stay tuned...

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