Blue Lily Chalices

Kulture just got in some more chalices from Blue Lily Studio.  A Chalice is a type of pipe used most often by Rastafarians. It's a water pipe characterized with having a long hose or stem for inhaling. Some told us that the reason chalices have the long stem is because Rasta's like to keep the fire below their heart. We're stoked to have them back in. People are going nuts over these! The last batch we had from them didn't last long at all. Blue Lily Studio is a husband and wife run operation located in Asheville, North Carolina. On this new order we also got some double chambers. They have a unique bubbling stem. It's diffused and we've never seen anything like it. The single chamber chalices have worked down stems and matching work on the mouth piece. The chalices all made of heavy wall tubing and the mouth piece is made of heavy wall tubing as well. Each one has a marble on the front. Some of the marbles match the color of the other work, one has an opal in the marble, others have a dichro marble with Jerry Garcia or Haile Selassie. The marbles seem to work as a counter weight against the long mouth piece as well. They are very well balanced!  

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