Just Another G Pen

The Just Another G Pen by Grenco Science is part of their Artist Collaboration Series, and the first one dropping is by the homie JAG!

This Philadelphia Born and Bred artist has become one of the most well known artist in the borosilicate functional community so it would only make sense for him to use his Art Deco style to design a vaporizer. The pen, packaging, and even charger as well as a white LED used underneath the on/off button were all designed by JAG himself leaving no details unchecked or without something to make it special. This pen uses a removable cartridge that has a 6 wire wrap coil threaded cartridge that screws in rather than the normal removable 2 pin cartridge used on most pen vapes. This ensures maximum power by ensuring proper contact is being made as well as an easy way to change out cartridges or flavors. This compact easy to carry vape measures 4" in length by 0.75" wide. This pen vape also has an on/off button locking system to prevent unintentional usage. To lock or unlock the power button slowly press the button 5 times and the LED will blink 3 times to let you know it's status change. To charge the Micro G you connect the wired USB charger to the bottom of the Battery unit and the other to a compatible USB port or USB wall charger. The LED light on the bottom will stay red while charging and then turn off when fully charge. PLease allow 5-6 hours to fully charge for the initial 3 charging cycles to ensure maximum battery efficiency. The JAG Micro G includes 1 fully customized portable vaporizer (1 rechargeable Batteries and 1 Mouthpiece) as well as 5 Mouthpiece Sleeves, 4 screw in threaded coil cartridges, 2 Glass Containers, 1 pack of cleaning tips, 1 Loading Tool, 1 AC Adapter, and 1 microG USB Charging Cord.

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