Artist Spotlight: Fair "Child of God"

I first met Fair 5 years ago with Tim Porter and Octavion performing at a show. Suburban District was already know for raging, stealing your girl and putting out party anthems. From house parties around campus, to venues like The National, The Camel, Nancy Raygun, Alley Catz and more, they have always had a prominent influence in the RVA scene, not to mention Epic Fest that SlapDash puts on every year. I randomly run into Fair around town and drink a shit ton of bourbon and end up at Mansion until 5am. When he told me about this new project coming out, I immediately told him to send it to my email so i could get a sneak preview. From the first track "Godly' to the last track "Repent" I found myself turning the sound up louder and louder as I drove around town. With production from Conrizzle and Mr. Ivory Snow , and featuring Dr. Millionaire, LOOCHEY $LOVELY$, MH the Prez, Chance Fischer, and Erikka J. Sticking with the home team theme, Fair has profiled some of the best lyricist and producers in RVA to back his vocals. Check out the album here  "Child of God" and support the homie! Follow Fair on Twitter --> @FairVA


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