Sacred Geometry by WJC

I've been seeing amazing glass for several years now. While in Las Vegas for A.G.E. last week I was faced with the cream of the crop. Some of the best glass in the country from some of the best artists in the world were all present. Where do I start.... Sovereignty, Toro, E. Ross 4.0, SYN, Hitman, oh the list goes on. On the last day of the show, actually during the last few hours of the show I walked by a table out by Shackman Studios and saw this tube. I stopped and did a double take, I must admit that I'm a sucker for the color pink in glass. I'm not sure if it was the pink, the art, or what, but something grabbed me. I picked up the tube, inspected it, got the price, and drooled for a few minutes. Then I walked away and met up with the rest of the crew in the Jellyfish suite. 10 minutes later I was walking across the street to the Hard Rock to get cash, that baby had to come back to VA with me. So low and behold I present to you "Sacred Geometry" by WJC out of Shackman Glass Studios in CO. Buy WJC glass online.

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