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Welcome to the newly revamped Kulture website. While we and many of you have enjoyed our simple and straight forward website design, we decided it was time for an update. We've changed our content management software to revamp our back end and added some features on our website's front end. This will allow for what believe to be a better user experience. You'll notice now the gallery has changed a little and the blog archive is viewable by either the search bar or browse by month. All our previous blog posts and gallery images have been migrated too. We've also added sharing widgets that will allow you to share Kulture's content on your favorite social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Along with launching the new site we are now working a number of new Kulture branded products, as well as switching Kulture's web store over to a new shopping cart. This new shopping cart will provide for a much better user experience.  

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