You'll only find these jars @ Kulture

Kulture's employees are talented bunch. We have photographers, painters, writers, rappers, djs, life hackers and glassblowers in our ranks. This week two of our employees happened to bring by some jars they upgraded. Saba brought by some Jars he sandblasted. A small amount have the Richmond cityscape blasted either positive or negative. Others have Kulture's "K" or the happy family image used on Kulture's sandwich board in Shockoe Bottom. Lauren from the Charlottesville shop brought us some jars wrapped with fimo clay millis. All the millis used, she made herself. The Steal Your Face Jars have been a huge hit from the get-go. Lauren also made us some pokers with fimo marbles and some with Steal Your Face millis. You'll only find these @ Kulture!

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