Mix of Heady Glass by Gelb, Bearclaw, Law Dawg, and Herb

What can I say about this bunch? Well, Steve Gelb is quickly becoming one of my favorite glassblowers. Being a subscriber to less is more and a lover of organic forms, this new bunch from Gelb really does it for me. I love the discs within discs on the mouth piece of the bubbler and on one of the dry pipes. Others have subtle wig-wags stacked between solid colors, all have horns and some have stamp work as well. I couldn't resist the Bearclaw signature slide either. I mean it's unmistakably his! I had someone in mind as well... The top "dawg" of the lot is the Law Dawg and Herb collab glass peace pipe. It looks fierce and it's flawless. It function's like a steamroller, has a rainbow and ice theme is complete with sig marbles from both artists. The sick ice and white horned bubbler comes from Justin in Utah. Fans of glass basket weave should keep and eye on Herb. This last piece we picked up is a beautiful example of the technique. Herb's basket weave looks like it's really woven. He has profound understanding of what it should look like.

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