Slingers Palette

It's here! Brand new handpipes, sherlocks, and slides from the sandblasting surrealist we all know as Slinger.  Once again, we are privilaged to showcase a series of truly unique and superlative pieces of glass art.  This time he's brought back some reliable standby's such as the Dali-inspired "melting clock" and Warhol's Cambell's soup can.  New to the flame are several iterations of what I like to call the "Montezuma" or "Inca Warrior" which has been blasted into a relief with laser-like precision.  My personal favorite is an electroformed sherlock done in collaboration with Snic, that is richly coated almost entirely in copper.  The other exception to the series, which is otherwise done in black and white, is the "Call Girl" bubbler.  This pipe exemplifies the traditional Slinger style with marbled sections and blasted imagery.  She speaks for us all when she says, #@!$ Slinger!  We're all really excited about the new work, and we know you will be too so get here quick because this is a collection that is sure to go fast.  

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