Helix & Boxfan Collaborations!

Remember the last time you got to have your cake and eat it too? Or how about the last time you had two of you're favorite artists star in the same movie, song, etc... Well today is kinda one of those days around here. We just got a few select Helix and Boxfan collab pieces. The series is nicely worked and has design aspects for both form and function. Each spoon gives you the technical aspects that make any Helix what it is and custom work is added to make each a unique piece of art The design of the body spins the smoke, based upon the Venturi effect. When smoke is flowing through the pipe, intake holes force the smoke away from the outer walls. It then is forced through a narrower section of the pipe and the spinning smoke's velocity increases, spinning the smoke very fast and causing it naturally to aerate, which cools the smoke. This process not only keeps your pipe clean, but it provides for a smoother inhale.

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