Primal Glasswerks

Kulture no longer stocks Primal Glasswerks. We now carry our own brand of water pipes which cover the basics, like straights, beakers, dome percs, tree percs, UFO percs and inlines. Check out  Kulture water pipes in our online store. Today we received our very first shipment of Primal Glasswerks. The first thing that came to mind was the size and weight of these pieces. Primal Glasswerks is a company based out of Arizona which makes massive internal and external percolation using US Schott Glass. They are 100% US made, using no outsourced parts. We are pleased to be one of the first shops to carry the PG line. We picked up 3 sixteen inch & 3 twenty four inch stemless straight tubes , enough for 1 at each store. These fall under PG's Mellow Monkey line and come with a standard 18mm bowl and a circular disk ice restriction. Next up is the mother load. Three water pipes labeled "The Kong" on the invoice. One's a 24 inch pipe with external inverted dome perc and a chubbler slide. The other two are 30 inch pipes with both internal dome percs, external inverted dome percs, and chubbler slides. These are massive and leave me with one question, do you have the lungs to own one of these???

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