Glass Munky

Glass Munky is yet another Virginia glass blower to emerge in the recent surge of local artists. Based in Leesburg, VA he apprenticed under Mike Higgins, owner of New Dynasty studios. Today made the trip down to us and were glad he did. With a good selection of choices we managed to pick out some great pieces. First off we got this ill new laid back style inline bubbler with a matching worked slide. I like the form of the piece and for me the worked inline diffuser is simply straight up the selling feature, along with the foot rest. Next we picked up a worked bubbler with a fixed diffuser and worked glass on glass slide. The first feature I noticed is how thick the horned diffuser is, a nice touch I must say. The piece feels sturdy and the worked features including the bottom disk are clean, yet for some reason cause me to think of tropical smoothies (what?)??? Ok, if you like the horned bubbler, we got two ash catchers that are direct matches in style. Both feature the horned diffuser and similar worked sections. All three come with a dual horned worked slide. Next is my personal favorite of the group. Remember in western movies how the color yellow stood for cowardly traits? This should rightfully smash that perception. This in-line ash catcher is sickly smooth and hands down a crowd pleaser. It provides all the detailed work form the laid back bubbler and is a true stand out in any glass collection. We also got a dry piece that simply put plays with all the elements. The overall worked lines are smooth and colors are contrasting. This piece just seems mean and makes me think of coral snakes, and should only be handled by a trained professional. Lastly we scored a nice selection of worked spoons all featuring a reticello section at the head and of course some horns. Along with the spoons we got some various slides, all of which feature everything from electroforming to floating millies. Glass Munky came correct with his recent series of work. He displayed several stylistic features in the game and truly is making his mark as VA progresses its footing in the industry.    

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