Affordable Toro Water Pipes In Now!

The number one complaint about Toros is their availability. Not everyone who wants to buy a Toro water pipe has a place nearby that sells Toro. The number two complaint about Toros is the price. Most Toros sell for over 700 dollars. Well.... Grab your change jar, because you can now afford a Toro! The selection is slim of course. Just 2-3 of each style. The lowest priced ones are the fixed stem Toro minis. They are running $240. There are only two, and I don't expect they'll last through the weekend. The next items in the "affordable" range are the full size fixed stems. These are pretty much the same as the TOROxKULTURE tubes we had back in August last year. With blasted flames and a blasted logo, they run $350. There's also a circulator to circulator for the budget minded. It only has 16 d-cuts instead of the standard 32. It lacks a worked section. Even though it's running $50 less than the one we are used to, I hope this won't be replacing it!

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Jan 27, 2010

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