Kulture is Virginia's Source for Grassroots California Hats

What a perfect day for Grassroots California's hats to arrive! Jesse from EQ Productions was on his way to Kulture in Shockoe Bottom to drop off fliers and posters for the Grassroots California (GRC) sponsored Glitch Mob, Bluetech, and Long Jawns show at The Hat Factory. I know a lot of customers have been waiting for us to get in some new hats, and Jimmy got to wear his protective "Jimmy Hat" on World AIDS Day too. These hats couldn't have come at a better time! We picked up the signature GRC Cali Greens hat, the Colorado Puffs hat, the LA Bakers hat, the Danker Nuggets hat, and the Pretty lights hat. Look for the Blood Diamond hat, The CA State Parks hat, and the Polar Bear Hat in 2010! Sizes 7 1/4 - 7 5/8 are available at Kulture. Grassroots offers sizes 7-8, and we can get your size if you request. Grassroots is a great start up company that is making giant steps while still in it's infancy. They are already working with other brands, great bands, and non-profits, celebrities are wearing their hats, they donate a portion of their profits. We're always trying to bring the best to our customers. Grassroots California fits the standard of quality we think you deserve! We were turned on to GRC by a number of customers and readers just like you. If there's a product you like, we'd like to hear from you too.  

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