Toro Water Pipes W/ Fused or Welded Arms on their Tree Percs

The new reinforced Toro tree percs we've all been waiting for are in. Toro is now reinforcing their tree percolators by welding the arms together at the bottom. I hope this will benefit everyone. Toro, the shops that carry Toro, and the customers that buy Toro. It sucks to deal with a broken tree perc. That said, let me talk about what we got. Three 13/8 fixed stems, two circ to circ fixed stems, two stemless with disc percs - one of them with a band section by Trevor, and a mix of Circulator ash catchers, Trash Catchers and Trash Bubblers. Most of the water pipes come with a faceted lip on the mouth piece. A nice touch! Buy Toro water pipes in our online store!

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