Sick New Selection of Hand Pipes

A couple travelers came by Kulture in Shockoe Bottom today with pipes from over 30 different glass blowers. I really hadn't given it a second thought. I figured we'd seen it all before, and would be able to zip through it. Well, I was wrong, and was stoked to see some totally new items! The real standouts are the character pipes by Mike in South Carolina. We picked up an epic 3 piece set of the Grateful Dead. It includes three of the founding members, Jerry Gracia, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, and Phil Lesh. Other character pipes include a Grateful Dead dancing bear, the members of Phish on a totem pole, Robot Chicken, Brian from The Family Guy and Blinky the 3 eyed fish from The Simpsons! These are all awesome, and we can't wait to get some more. Some other standouts are the air trap sherlocks. Air trap is usually applied to marbles and I have never ever seen this style of glass blowing used on a pipe! I spent time looking over each one. They are some of the most amazing pipes I've ever seen! I was told they were done by Sizelove. I'm guessing that'd be Steve Sizelove, although it doesn't look like the other work featured on his site. Sorry, no Redskins, Steelers, Eagles, or Richmond Flying Squirrels were available in the sports logo spoons, but acquired 2 steal your face spoons! Not to dismissed are some wig-wag sherlocks, and some Bob Snodgrass style skull pipes. The one on the right, appears to have a field of flowers behind the eye sockets. Beautiful!

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