Doctor Gadget's Torcher Chamber Tubes Holiday Delivery Arrives

Re-up from Doctor Gadget! First up, some of our personal favorites. The Double Disc Perc Torcher Chamber Tubes. They are the standard around here. We also like the triples, but I prefer the doubles because they have less drag. Last order we got some of TCT's Recycling Water Pipes, which we hadn't seen in a couple of years. Well there are now more to go around. We received 2 in this order. One is a new variation on the design. It looks very similar, but lacks the recycling feature, and seems to have less drag. I'm interested in how this functions! Last but not least is a real throwback! It's similar to the double disc fountain perc design Doctor Gadget used to do, but it's closed at the top. Doctor Gadget made a couple water pipes with this exact style perc in them a few years ago. They were bubble base, and had removable stems. I used the prototype, and it was a beast! I sure this can only be an improvement on that design. tct

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