Elevate Tube Co

Our first order ever from Elevate Tube Company came in today. We were turned on to them by our boy C at Heady Glass last year. Well we finally got around to placing a sample order. We picked up some of Elevate's double and  triple chamber water pipes. First off I like the logo. I looks like some time was spent on it's development. It's blasted on, and looks very nice. It doesn't overpower the tube like some other companies' color logo's do. The 4 arm trees are probably done in-house. They have pierced holes instead of the common d-cuts, they're welded to the center stem halfway up. The diffusers also have pierced holes and are bushing style. A couple of other things to mention are the thick bases and the 4 pinch ice catcher. We are looking forward to checking out some Elevate water pipes with worked sections next order.

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