Grav Elite by Grav Labs

Just got a shipment of some new Grav Elite water pipes from Grav Labs. The first thing you'll probably notice is the use a pewter emblem instead of a label. Nice to see a brand do something original with their logo identity. You'll probably notice the super thick joints next. These thick joints hold oversized 24/19mm flush mount diffusers which are topped with 19mm ice pinch slides.. We suspect these water pipes have been crafted by Honalee Glass, which makes US Pipes. No one else uses joints this thick. You don't have to worry about finding a Keck clip this size either. Grav Labs provide them! First up is a 7mm thick double chamber beaker with a five arm tree perc, and a splash guard. Next up we got a 7mm thick triple chamber straight water pipe. It has two tree percs and a splash guard. This pipe has good weight and stands 30" tall, which makes it a serious standout for anyones collection. The oversized diffusers and oversized tree arms in these, provide maximum flow and very low drag. Many around the shop are comparing the pull to the 13/7 Toro's. Lastly we acquired a nice straight style pipe with a unique little feature. Inside the tube there is a circular hole punched into a disk. The feature not only serves as a splash guard of sorts, but also forces the smoke through the tube.  

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