The Glass Fish

Vegans, animal lovers, and herbivores celebrate! No animals were harmed in the making of these pipes. The Glass Fish seems like a character from a movie to me. Maybe Dr. Moreau, but instead of turning animals into humans... he turns animals into glass! So with the holidaze upon us, we decided it was time to give him a call. His glass menagerie will fascinate you. The animals he makes are realistic. Not some cartoon version of a frog or turtle you may see on some other pipes. His famous chimps do have a cartoon character look to them though. They are smoking cigars and wearing hats, after all! There are skull slides and hammers too. Clear and white, with and without spines. This is a partial order. We are expecting another shipment with more of his amazing glass animal pipes. All of The Glass Fish's work is signed with a titanium scribe for authenticity. More pics are available in The Glass Fish gallery.

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