Kulture On Blast!

Since seeing my first piece of glass, I remember feeling a connection and doorways opening up in my head. Growing up I really loved creating things with my hands, functional things at that. Getting more involved with the scene I made a decision that its something I wanted to pursue. So I started to research glass blowing and some of its possibilities. It wasn’t till my demo with Brandon (TcT Technologies), and being totally amazed, I knew I wanted to learn how to blow glass. A few months ago my crew and I started our studio. It consists of my Girlfriend Cassie K, and my best friend Scott O. So far we have been making small items, nothing to rave about YET. Cassie had some training with etching in high school, which led us to sandblasting. The Kulture jars, Cassie in the beginning would have to hand make the stencils and I would blast them. Now we are using different methods, which lets us make them more efficiently and of course cheaper for the customer.  In all we are trying to build up our skills and see where it takes us. Glass can be very frustrating at times but it has great rewards.

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