3 New Pipes From Elks That Run

Elks That Run came by Kulture today. ETR (Elks That Run) is a local artist from RVA whose work is sickly detailed. It appears ETR has been in the studio raising his level of craftsmanship to yet new heights. He has been incorporating semi-precious stones, electroform, and etching into his pipes. There's also a heavy Native American influence in his work. Today we picked up three pieces and I'm having a hard time picking my favorite. First is the sick "Dream-Catcher" bubbler featuring such stones as Moldavite, Quartz, and Turquoise. The hand woven sections feature Turquoise beads with Quartz posts. Next we have the "Geronimo" bubbler style. This piece features Quartz from a mine in Arkansas along side Amazonite from Amelia. Once again we see the use of Turquoise. Last we have a dry piece with a Henrico county seal. The floating opal and pierced horn provide more of Elks That Run's original approach. It's hard to go wrong with anything ETR has been producing lately.

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