TCT's with Mike Fro Sections and Recycling Bubblers & Waterpipes

Look what the postman just delivered. Well kinda, if last week still holds as current news. TCT has been a favored name by several customers and we are glad to have some new pieces available. First up we have some straight stemless, triple disc percs with button press bowls and a Mike Fro worked section. Next we have some bent neck recycling bubblers with a drop down diffuser. We can't tell you how excited we are to have these bent neck's back in stock. We haven't had any for almost a year now. The unique recycling feature in the recycling bubbler allows for beast pulls. As always TCT (Torcher Chamber Tubes) holds it down with super clean design and attention to the function of the piece. The triple disk diffusers provide clean filtration and a smooth pull. Overall both styles are impressive.    

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