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Click the pics to check out the blog posts. In the last week or so Kulture has gotten a lot of great items in! All stores got in some Illadelph water pipes. They put out some new labels, new colors and all new Illi's have an emblem on the backside. ILLADELPH IS BACK! We also got in a nice little order of JAG's money bags and pill pipes. JAG ISN'T JUST ANOTHER GLASSBLOWER One the most exciting and unexpected arrivals was the shipment of Salt slides we received from ROOR USA. We got around 20 slides in, and 9 of the slides had ROOR marbles! SALT X ROOR USA We also got in a nice batch of glass from AKM. We got in a bunch of slides and a couple nice dry pieces, including a collab he did with Elks That Run. AKM SLIDES AND BLASTED SHERLOCK AKM AND ELKS THAT RUN HENRICO COUNTY COLLABORATION Cowboy also sent us a ton of work. There were over 20 faceted slides and handful of other work, including some dry hammers, onies, and a bubbler. COWBOY BUBBLER, DRY PIPES, FACETED GLASS SLIDES, AND FACETED ONIES Kennaroo dropped a week's worth of work in the mail. A bunch of slides and some sick drys and a bub. Kulture is expecting another week's worth of work from Kennaroo any day now. KENNAROO SLIDES, BUBBLER AND DRYS

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