Cowboy Bubbler, Dry Pipes, Faceted Glass Slides, and Faceted Onies

Glassblower Cowboy is from Kansas. He started blowing in 2003 under Ian Razor, who was an apprentice of Bob Snodgrass. He has blown with Fro, Banjo, Eusheen and more. He currently teaches at Revere in CA and Pratt in Seattle, where people want to know how he does his reversals and wig wags. You can clearly see the spectrum of Cowboy's skills in this shipment. As for hand pipes and bubblers... We just got in a fire and lockness color schemed sherlock bubbler. It's got a couple glass flowers on the side and a huge faceted marble on the back! There are also 4 dry pipes. A rasta hammer, a disco and fire scheme hammer, and a rainbow scheme hammer. Plus there is this Rasta colored vine and flower dry piece that took us a minute to figure out. (where do you pack it?) Real wild Cowboy! Of course we racked up on everyones favorites! We picked up 23 faceted slides and 9 faceted onies. Plenty to go around! Look for these at all Kulture locations. More pics in Cowboy's gallery!

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