Hops Jagitoes, inline ash catchers, and inline water pipes

If you're not familiar with Hops, he is the glassblower that invented the inline diffuser. Well we just got in some great examples of his work. We got 3 clear Jagitoes. Jagitoes are inline bubs with a weird name. Everyone is trying to come up with a name that stands out for their pipe inventions nowadays. Kind of like a skate or a surf move. Pitted, so pitted! Well back to Hops. We had a couple of worked Jagitoes in previously. The same guy bought both of them! He forgot his 1st one at a friend's out of town. After a few weeks of being without it, he couldn't wait any longer. He came back and bought the other! I had the opportunity to smoke out of one of his. So smooth! I highly recommend them. Next up we got in 4 Hops inline ash catchers. 3 of the inline ash catchers are clear and 1 (18mm) is fumed and has a Buddha Shiva etched onto it. We also got in for the first time, Hops inline water pipes! They're around 20" tall and are made Contrax tubing. Contrax is borosilicate tubing that is scalloped on the inside. They are very skinny, maybe 20mm? I'm sure there is a reason why! These are all available at the Shockoe Bottom location.  

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